From LS conversions to full on custom engine builds, we know our way around horsepower. We can help spec a great crate engine for your build – or get you hooked up with a custom engine from our local engine builder to build you something that makes BIG, reliable horsepower. Mopar, Ford, Chevy, Diesel, 6 cylinder to v8, v8 to 6, direct injected 4 cylinder, quad turbo LS, big blocks, small blocks, short blocks – it’s all good to us.

We shy away from installing used LS engines and junkyard swaps and prefer to work with our local GM dealer and other suppliers to get you an engine with a warranty, and no problems on the back-end. We can get you the best pricing, and help put together a package that meets where you want your build to go.

You can submit a work request to get the ball rolling on what you want to do.