We get asked several questions all the time about parts and we (and many others) have some pretty strong opinions on the subject. Here’s a few of the questions – and our philosophy here at Driven Garage.

Question: “Why did you spec this super expensive (insert part name here) for my car – I don’t need that stuff, just give me something basic….” Answer: Since I like to use specific examples, let’s use a scenario like disc brakes. A customer who want’s a front disc brake upgrade for a classic car that’s just a street cruiser – no racing, autocross, etc… If there is a kit made by Wilwood, Baer or a few of the other higher end companies – I’ll spec it – EVERY TIME… Sure there’s options that cost 50% less in parts – but, experience tells me the Wilwood kit has been properly engineered, and will bolt up without issue. The cheaper kit has brackets that may or may not be machined properly, wonky spacers to fit, and worst of all – typically has off the shelf re-manufactured calipers from a 70’s GM car that may or may not have been properly re-built. What it comes down to is time to install. If the expensive kit installs in 2 hours less, saving hundreds of dollars on install time – where is the savings in the cheaper option? If the cheaper kit caliper was not re-built right, I’ll call the company that sold the kit, and they will blame their supplier, and say sorry Charlie… But if I have a problem with an known vendors part, they will make it right.

Question: I bought (insert part name here) on ebay or Amazon – will you install it for me? The answer for us is usually (not a hard and fast rule) NO… Or, sure – but there is no warranty – not on the part or the install. Think about it… we install a cheap part you bought, said part has an issue – do you blame Amazon or the ebay seller? Nope… you blame us. If a part we purchased from our suppliers fails either from manufacturing defect, or installation – we’ll handle it and our suppliers will to. We purchase tens of thousands of dollars in parts a month – if there is an issue, our suppliers typically jump to make it right.

It all boils down to quality of product, and what we’re most comfortable selling you. We have brands we know and trust, and brands that have failed us – and every part is chosen with that in mind.