Please note – We specialize in CLASSIC AND SPECIALTY CARS – so we’re probably not the right shop for a year 2000 or newer car, but we will take on work for late model cars if it’s challenging mods that other’s won’t do.

Here’s how we work:
1. Use this form to submit a work request – Be as detailed as you can so we can formulate an estimate of parts and labor.

2. We will respond with an estimate based on the information you provide that includes diagnosis, parts, and labor for repairs. This estimate will be texted to the phone number you input, and emailed.

3. You can review the estimate, and authorize services you would like done. Once authorization happens, we will schedule you to bring the car in for work to be completed.

Be sure to put a textable cell number and current email address in.

To see a list of our services click here.

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