GPS Tracking and Alarm

DroneMobile gps

Track your ride with GPS!

Imagine knowing your baby is safe and sound while you are at work, on vacation - Anywhere! We install CompuStar alarm systems with Drone GPS so that you can see from your phone where your car is, it can alert you if it moves, the battery is low and more. Pretty slick eh?

DroneMobile gps
Klassic Keyless entry system

Add keyless entry and trunk

We can take it a step further and add keyless entry and trunk to your system so you don’t have to fumble with keys to open the car or risk scratching your door.

How Driven Does It Right

Tips from the Pros
70 El Camino airtag

After years under cars, we've honed the best installation matched with the right parts to do the job right

Air tags don’t do squat.

You can hide 10 air tags in your car and the app will tell you where your car was - not where it is. You can chase that thief for days while he’s joy riding your whip. Air tags don’t work real time…. And unless your car is stationary they will not tell you where your car is.

70 Mustang green lights
TYPE S license plate frame backup camera

Backup cameras - we got you.

We can add a back up camera just like a modern car. Don’t risk scratching your ride when you put it to bed - we can hide the screen under the dash and put the camera on the license plate so you’ll barely know it’s there.

What's the cost?

Each job will be estimated individually, but here are some guidelines to help you budget

A basic system can cost around $300 in parts, $500 to install and more complex systems $1000 in parts and $1200+ for install.
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$300 - $1,000

for parts

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$500 - $1,200+

for installation


Only if the alarm is from Compustar sure. Swapping the system isn’t a big deal.


Check out for a full list.


Is anything free? This technology uses LTE data - so yes, they charge a fee - but it’s pretty small for the piece of mind.


They have gone a different direction and no longer do this.