Cooling Upgrades

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Keep your cool man…

From simple radiator upgrades, adding an electric fan, or even attacking the source with an oil or trans cooler we can help keep you from sweating bullets while sitting in traffic on a hot summer day. We start with the basics - making sure the thermostat is working, timing is right and the car is not running lean - then offer the best upgrade for your ride.

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70 Dodge Dart radiator

Increase your cooling capacity with a bigger radiator

Ditch that wimpy, old, clogged radiator for a larger capacity aluminum radiator to help keep your engine cool while waiting to get into the car show. We use quality parts from known suppliers and can handle having custom radiators made to handle any cooling need.

How Driven Does It Right

Tips from the Pros
70 Dodge Dart radiator pressure

After years under cars, we've honed the best installation matched with the right parts to do the job right

Don’t pull the thermostat silly!

Many people think if they remove the thermostat the engine coolant will circulate faster, and the engine will run cooler. It’s exactly the opposite in most cases. The thermostat modulates the coolant temps, and slows the flow down so that the radiator has time to cool the liquid as it passes by the fins.

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71 Chevelle grey radiator fan shroud

Shroud it out loud

Many times - we just need to make sure that your fan and shroud are working right. The fan shroud needs to be on to direct the air - and the fan needs to be within the shroud to function right. We have even seen electric fans wired wrong - so they don’t work right. Sometimes it can be the simple thing.

Traffic sucks…. Or does it?

Many classic and muscle car cooling problems only appear when stuck in traffic. It’s the worst… in line to get into the car show for 30 min and your ride overheats. The problem is that in traffic, there is little air moving by the radiator to cool the engine coolant down. Adding an electric fan with a proper controller / shroud usually kills this issue 110%.

79 Trans Am Firebird radiator fan

Cooling Upgrades cost

Each job will be estimated individually, but here are some guidelines to help you budget

A simple radiator swap can be $300-$400 in parts and around $200-$300 in labor. Custom work can get into the thousands.
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$300 - $400

for the parts

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$200 - $300

for labor


If it’s newer, and was damaged - probably. If it’s an older radiator we’ll likely recommend replacement.


Perfect candidate for an electric fan upgrade.


Doing this rarely works… You need a “Puller” fan on the inside with a sealed shroud to pull the heat through the radiator.